Pacem in Terris Ecological Initiative

This  Initiative is the core project of Pax Romana / Catholic Movement for Intellectual & Cultural Affairs - USA

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The Pacem in Terris Ecological Initiative

humbly and prayerfully seeks to contribute to

a global integral-ecological renaissance
that will be artistic, intellectual, and spiritual,

that will draw on the wisdom traditions of our entire human family,
that will serve the integral-ecological regeneration of natural, social, and spiritual life,
and that will sow creative seeds for a regenerative

Postmodern Global Ecological Civilization.

(Please note that the Initiative considers what may be called "academic postmodernism" to be

only late-modern and nihilistic. The initiative considers authentic postmodernism to refer to

the integral-ecological regeneration of the interwoven fabric of ecological, social, and spiritual life.)

   The Initiative encourages Christians across the world,

along with peoples of all faiths and all spiritual seekers,

and in solidarity with our entire human family

and with our loving Creator's wider family of beauteous creatures,
to plant regenerative seeds for a

Postmodern Global Ecological Civilization.

In support of planting those regenerative seeds,

the Initiative promotes the emerging

Postmodern Global Christian Ecological Renaissance,

which is rooted in Jesus' prophetic and loving Gospel of Life,

and which is at once artistic, intellectual, spiritual, and practical.

The Initiative's name of "Pacem in Terris" refers to

the prophetic 1963 encyclical letter "Pacem in Terris,"

written to everyone in the world

by the late Catholic pope, and now a saint, John XXIII.

It's meaning here is "peace on Earth" and "peace with Earth."

The Pacem in Terris Ecological Initiative is sponsored by

Pax Romana / Catholic Movement for Intellectual & Cultural Affairs - USA.